Get Highest Adsense Returns by Optimize Your Web Pages ~ Free Top Paying Keywords Adsense


Get Highest Adsense Returns by Optimize Your Web Pages

Get Highest Adsense Returns by Optimize Your Web Pages

If you think that you know everything that is to be known on the secret to get highest adsense return, start reading the article to remove your confusion.Gathering information is not that much a difficult task. What is difficult is presenting it in a presentable manner. That is what we have done in this article about how to get highest adsense return.

Getting to assemble all relevant information at one place and then arranging it in a systematic order in the form of an article is not an easy task and that is what we have striven to achieve. Now, when you are reading this article on highest adsense return secret, it is for you to judge if we have been successful in our endeavor or not.

Web page optimization for AdSense is not as easy as you may think, just picking the highest paying keyword in the hope of getting a truck load of click through' s on that particular keyword will not suffice.

Meta Keywords:

You will have to take into consideration meta keywords, whilst having little bearing they do have an influence on the relevancy of the ads going to be placed on your web page. Try to make it as easy as possible for the web crawlers to understand what your web page is about.

Meta description:

Attracting traffic from the search engines is down to your meta description. This is shown after the title text in the SERPs (search engine results page) and has a direct influence on the CTR to your website. Obviously you will have to write a description that will attract the right audience.

Title Tag:

Keywords appearing in the title tag can have a great influence on the relevancy of the ads being placed on your web page. Depending on your optimization approach you can either go with high paying keywords to place in the title tag, or if it is traffic you are after go for lower paying keywords to attract a greater amount of visitors. Remember the title tag is usually visible in the title text of the SERPs and has a direct influence on the CTR to your website.


Highlighting your web page content with H1, H2 and H3 headings is of great importance. The sub heading of a web page gives credence to the content on your web page. This has a direct bearing on the displaying ads for your web page.

Keywords in Content:

Using keywords in your content also influences what type of ads will be displayed on your web page. The thing to remember here is don' t mislead the ad bots with too many keywords. Try to keep an even keel in regards to keywords in your content. Humans after all have to make sense of it as well.

You will have to take into consideration many factors to be able to optimize your web pages for highest AdSense return. This will include your meta keywords, meta description, title tags, headings and of course web page content. This may sound a daunting task but help in this and many other aspects of web page optimization are further discussed at the web site below.

Affiliate marketing is the method of seeking targeted website traffic for any product you wish to promote.

This article is not to make you super intelligent about optimize your site and get the highest adsense return. This article is all about the fundamental of the secret to maximize your adsense return and earning and if you need more information, you would have to read more. Good Luck.

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