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How Made $9,127 from adsense in a month

" How Abhishek Agarwal Made $9,127 Last Month In Nothing But from AdSense Commission. With Absolutely No Success In The past!"

This statement made me shock. wow, how can be happen. My head is full of big question. How Abhishek Agarwal could make $9,127 in a month, or an average of about $300 Per Day from nothing but AdSense. He is an ebay marketer for almost three years, and he know nothing about making money with adsense. He told that he is a lazy person, and he want to get passive income with a little work. So he find an option that give him the little work but the option must be powerful.

He says that Just like most newbies, He bought a lot of products/ebooks on how to make money. Most people burn a hole in the pockets doing this. He started a fire and burnt his entire pockets! He started losing moneyevery month. VERY fast!

About that time He started to learn about AdSense, and it all sounded very lucrative. Reading ebooks and guides, He heard many marketers saying that He should build websites on niches that you are interested in. So he believed them. And that’s what he did.

He didn’t have any success with AdSense before using HyperVRE. And No, He hadn’t had any success with affiliate marketing either, because untill now He have not focused on selling other peoples’ products.

These are history of his adsense earning for about 3 month he start using HyperVre:

  • Abhishek was previously very active in the eBay community,but had never worked with AdSense prior to this.
  • In September, he earned only $42.44 from AdSense.
  • His October earnings were $57.32.
  • Inlate-October, he started using HyperVRE.
  • By the end of November, Abhishek had made $1,518.16 from AdSense.
  •  After his second full month of using HyperVRE (December), he made $4,141.02… which comes out to be an average of about $133 per day.
  • After a full 3 months, Abhishek’s earnings were $9,127 in the single month of January
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