top paying keywords in Cosmetic niche ~ Free Top Paying Keywords Adsense


top paying keywords in Cosmetic niche

Do you use cosmetic?Do you know well about cosmetic? or are you Cosmetic expert?

If the answer is yes.

You can make a post or article that about cosmetic with the Top paying keyword on it.
Please find the best one from the list below:

Top Paying Keywords Adsense – Cosmetic

Keyword Avg CostPerClick (CPC)
los angeles cosmetic surgeons $19.68
philadelphia cosmetic dentistry $16.87
cosmetic surgery birmingham $14.43
san diego cosmetic dentistry $13.81
cosmetic surgeon ny $13.67
nars cosmetics $13.03
cosmetic surgery ny $11.59
cosmetic implants $11.03
cosmetic dentistry washington $10.69
proactive skin care $10.55
mary kay cosmetics $10.46
cosmetic dentistry phoenix $9.80
mac cosmetics $9.58
cosmetic dentistry virginia $8.97
cosmetic liposuction $8.76
cosmetic dental surgery $8.69
cosmetic dentistry $8.64
affordable cosmetic surgery $8.57
financing cosmetic surgery $8.48
cosmetic dentist $8.32
cosmetic dentist best $7.16
cosmetic sugery $7.13
cosmetic surgery washington $7.12
cosmetic rhinoplasty $7.09
dental cosmetic $7.02
clinics cosmetic $6.92
plastic cosmetic $6.89
cosmetic surgery westchester $6.85
cosmetic breast $6.84
cosmetic surgery san jose $6.64
cosmetic dentist austin $6.58
cosmetic dentistry seattle $6.42
estee lauder cosmetics $6.38
cosmetic nose $6.37
cosmetic dentists $6.32
cosmetic surgery $6.28
cost of cosmetic dentistry $6.17
clinic cosmetic $6.10
cosmetic surgery michigan $6.06
plastic surgeons $6.01
cosmetic prices $5.96
cosmetic surgeons $5.92
cosmetic surgury $5.85
benefit cosmetics $5.52
cosmetic facial $5.32
cosmetic teeth $5.32
cosmetic surgeon $5.27
cosmetic surgery sarasota $5.21
clinique cosmetics $5.14
eye cosmetic $5.12

make your money pocket more beautiful with the cosmetic top paying keywords.


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