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Top Paying keywords-Ecommerce Niche

When most people think of ecommerce, what comes to mind is usually basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to ecommerce than just the basics.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and ecommerce experts is time. If you'll invest a little more time in reading, you'll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to ecommerce.

Before I give you free top paying keywords adsense in ecommerce niche, Here is a good article about ecommerce sofwares from Jack Doran

Ecommerce Softwares by Jack Doran

SmartWin Technology has specialized in Microsoft IIS-based eCommerce solutions since 1997. Over the years we have developed a range of advanced technologies and software components that are adaptable, reliable, and scalable, with a proven track record. They are generic programs which can be customized to fit any applications.

Regardless of the size or type of your business, with SmartWin, you will find the Solution that is all you need. Our software scales from a handful number to millions of products.

Advancing eCommerce Technologies

SmartWin's CyberOffice Franchise & Shopping Mall Builder (CyberMall, view demo) offers an integrated eCommerce system from data preparation, system management to Internet marketing. The state-of-the-art enterprise-level virtual mall system is ideal for an established online business to upsize their sales channels, i.e. to build a virtual multiple-level franchise chain. The underlying technology provides virtual services that allow any business to sell online products that they do not actually own or normally retail. A retailer can retain their own sites, own branding, own pricing, full authority and determine the types of goods that they would like to sell within their participation of the virtual services.

The coverage of SmartWin Technology solutions:

Offers many real-time features: Real-time USPS and UPS shipping rates. Real-time delivery trackings on USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, AIRBORNE. Real-time inventory / stock monitoring. Real-time order status update. Real-time paid download of digital goods, e.g. real-time PIN number delivery for phone cards. Real-time affiliate referral tracking and reporting program (module). Real-time link-exchange program (module). Real-time PayPal IPN integrated shopping cart. Real-time booking and delivery module. Real-time secure payment gateway integration to many service providers (real-time eCheck / credit card transactions), including Authorize.Net, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout, VeriSign, Bank of America (BoA), PlugNPay, BluePay, LintPoint, EFSNet, OpenECHO and many more. Real-time in-stock notification. Integrated eBay Checkout Redirect.

Advanced batch / accounting features: Batch emails, batch order/address export. Batch product upload. Batch shipping label / invoice printing. Interface to accounting software such as Quickbooks, MYOB, legacy EDI systems. Automatic state taxes & country / GST / county taxes (local surcharges based on zip codes). Offline order processing / order entry for store / phone orders. Multiple-user shopping order manager. Mulitple-party message logs and warranty management on aftersales.

Advanced marketing tools: Voucher / coupon discount. Multiple-level volume discount. Package / case discount. Membership discount. Royalty reward (frequent buyer points). Email Listing. Newsletter and bulletin board. Credit limit on corporate account, monthly cap. Built-in membership software handles member registration and membership services. Search engine optimizations: Plain HTML pages + Google sitemap XML + Froogle + Level 2 Google Checkout integration + Full Google Analytics integration.

Advanced add-ons modules: Anti-fraud IP address filtering. Phone card software module. Self-serviced recurring order manager (for both customers and shop operator). User-profile module for push marketing. Real-time scheduled delivery and services. Account-level pricing control and pricing matrix module (for a captive market). Multiple-level-marketing (MLM) affiliate tracking and management module. Integration with major B2B portals, such as Ariba Punchout, Commerce One, DoD Emall, Exostar via Round-trip etc.

Online Catalog Builder, Auction, & Shopping Mall Software

Online store template features: Pure HTML templates as opposed to ASP or PHP or CFM dynamic pages for easy customizations, editable under any HTML editors such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Browser-based WYSIWYG storefront wizard to edit texts, images, CSS styles. Power product multiple keyword search and browsing by multiple level dynamic menus. Auto special / category feature page / product display. Built-in affiliate sign up, referral linking & tracking, billing and commission payments. Affiliate referral form, Web-based email contact form. Mailing List joining form. Email friend form. User Account login, sign up & update. Order history look up. Lost cart recovery mechanism. Automatic reciprocal link exchange program.

Dynamic database-driven catalog features: Real-time stock monitoring. Auto in-stock notification to customers. Web-based online catalog management. Add / remove / update product and images. Batch product import (upload) / batch product export (download) via Excel spread sheets. Multiple level categories for the catalog + full alphabetic listing. Multiple selections (e.g. style, color, size) on product listing. Preview on product listing and images. Real-time user feedback and user review on listings. Support MS Access, MS SQL, Sybase, and MySQL databases via ODBC. Search engine feeding pages on link popularity optimizations. HTML source codes for eBay listing feeding.

Multi-store / multi-vendor features: Virtual franchise warehouse control panel. Support multiple storefronts. Multiple currencies. Multiple languages. Pricing matrix and price markup on each storefront and on each category. Product sold at fixed prices or by Auction. Built-in online auction software (builder or program) across multiple sites and in multiple currencies. Web-based Merchant product upload and management. Multiple-vendor shopping cart and management system. Multiple-vendor shipping fee, state taxes, email order notification order dispatch. Full wholesale-distributor-retailer / affiliate eCommerce platform.

About the Author

I am working on I usually publish articles regarding latest software tools of different categories which are mentioned in my weblog. I am also handling article marketing of this Blog.

When word gets around about your command of ecommerce facts, others who need to know about ecommerce will start to actively seek you out.

And here are free top paying keywords adsense that related to ecommerce niche.

Top Paying Keywords Adsense – Ecommerce

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