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Top paying keywords adsense list - California

Do you live in California?If you are there, you could see these top paying keywords adsense base in California. May be some keywords match with your business core.

Top Paying Keywords Adsense – California

Keyword Avg CostPerClick (CPC)
california legal advice $32.75
car insurance california $29.49
california criminal attorney $24.49
california culinary institute $19.89
california home mortgage $16.02
california home loan $13.46
california mortgage rates $12.55
california drunk driving $11.05
health insurance california $10.52
art institute california $10.49
california criminal law $9.28
loans california $9.27
california whitewater $8.92
blue shield of california $8.85
health plan california $8.81
california real estate schools $7.65
malibu california $7.32
california workers compensation $6.46
california honda dealer $5.70
california car $5.64
california storage $5.47
california law $5.30

Find the best Top Paying Keywords adsense from the lists above, and try to skyrocket your adsense revenue.


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