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Criminal-Top Paying Keywords Adsense

If your site talk about criminal, like criminal law, criminal lawyer, or talk the trend of criminal in your home town. You could see the Free Top Paying Keywords adsense below, may be ones of them are match with your site topic and the keyword have a higher paying. You can increase your adsense revenue with the top keywords below.

Top Paying Keywords Adsense – Criminal

Keyword Avg CostPerClick (CPC)
california criminal defense attorneys $42.41
orange county criminal defense attorney $38.69
new york criminal lawyers $37.11
miami criminal lawyers $29.65
criminal attorneys $29.53
federal criminal lawyer $28.61
federal criminal attorney $28.10
new york criminal attorney $27.30
riverside criminal defense $26.95
houston criminal attorney $26.54
san jose criminal attorney $25.65
boston criminal attorneys $25.40
los angeles criminal law $24.82
new york criminal defense attorney $24.51
california criminal attorney $24.49
atlanta criminal lawyers $23.48
criminal justice classes $23.48
criminal defense attorney $23.38
criminal attorney $23.27
san francisco criminal attorney $22.98
new york criminal defense $22.22
criminal lawyers $22.04
criminal law attorneys $21.63
california criminal defense lawyer $21.46
arizona criminal defense lawyer $20.97
criminal defense $20.90
criminal lawyer $20.15
criminal defense lawyer $18.83
miami criminal attorney $16.67
colorado criminal lawyer $16.52
criminal defense illinois $15.24
criminal law firm $14.82
criminal defense law $13.93
boston criminal lawyer $13.46
criminal justice degree $13.43
master in criminal justice $12.48
criminal justice school $11.91
criminal dui $11.55
federal criminal $11.52
criminal justice training $11.47
criminal law firms $11.19
bs criminal justice $10.28
best criminal justice colleges $9.93
california criminal law $9.28
criminal appeal $8.79
criminal justice graduate $8.36
pa criminal law $8.26
toronto criminal $8.18
criminal law $8.03
criminal class $8.00
drug criminal $7.83
criminal justice curriculum $7.29
criminal justice majors $7.24
criminal justic $6.83
criminal justice $6.81
criminal arizona $6.53
criminal directory $6.52
criminal illinois $6.34
florida criminal justice $6.28
florida criminal $6.18
massachusetts criminal law $5.75
criminal domestic violence $5.65
criminal assault $5.64
criminal justice careers $5.31
criminal new jersey $5.22

Choose the best one of the top paying keywords adsense above and start fulfill your pocket with check from Mr.Google. Success to your adsense campaign.


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