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Benefits of pay per click keyword from

If you want to find a great pay per click keyword advertising service, you can use can promote your business online with their new performance based advertising.

They offer some great benefits about pay per click keyword.

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Benefits of a pay-per-click keyword advert

* Only pay for the click-throughs to your website—send potential customers to your website with just one click and you only pay for the click-throughs to your site.

* Targeted business leads—you choose appropriate keywords to your business so that relevant customers find you.

* Greater prominence—appears as the first results on national searches (up to 10 pay-per-click listings a page) and to the right of the results on regional searches (up to five listings per page).

* Measurable performance—detailed reports of click-throughs for your keywords and adverts.

* Flexible budget—you choose your budget and set your bid prices for chosen keywords.

* Strengthen your brand—include your company logo.

* Update at any time—update your advert, keywords and bid prices online for free at any time.
* Buy online—create and buy your advert when it suits you and see it live within two working days.

Choose the best suite of pay per click keyword advertising to boost your business online.

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